Indian-built device to contain Covid infectivity gets US, EU nod

CE stands for “Conformité Européene” meaning European Conformity. It is a mandatory certification required for any product to be sold in the EU.

SHYCOCAN is a device that emits photons that can disarm the virus.
Kumar said Organization de Scalene-India, where he heads research, will now fast-track manufacture and distribution of the CE-marked SHYCOCAN under US-FDA ‘Enforcement Policy for containment of SARS-COV2 During the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency’.
The technology, he said, is intended to ‘physically attenuate’ the homing mechanism on the virus and prevent infectivity. TOI was the first to report in March that SHYCOCAN, which had demonstrated its ability to reduce the infectivity of other coronaviruses, was to be tested specifically for Covid-19 in the US.

The device is designed to release a very high concentration of environmentally safe electrons using proprietary Photon-Mediated Electron Emitters (PMEEs) made with a superalloy developed by Scalene, to emit and excite photons with the required kinetic energy.

“As the high energy photons bombard bulk surfaces and suspended particles in confined environments, the electron cloud actively ‘disarms’ air and surface transmission of the Corona family of viruses,” Kumar added.

Stating that the device targets only the Corona family of viruses, he said, laboratory studies show that bacteria, fungi or other eco-friendly microorganisms are not targeted by this technology, allowing for 24/7,

The phased deployment of the SHYCOCAN is being discussed with top-tier global manufacturing companies for mass production and distribution. Many leading companies in India, the US, Europe, and South Africa have already started to plan mass manufacturing and deployment under ‘humanitarian technology license from Organization de Scalene.

“Today, this is the only experimentally proven technology with straight virologic, bacteriological, and fungal studies. SHYCOCAN and will help create ‘safer zones’ in homes, healthcare facilities, grocery chains, eateries, schools, daycares, places of worship, and residential, corporate, industrial, and sporting environments, to fill unmet needs, without affecting other life forms like bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals,” he said.

On what the price of the device would be, he said: “We are transferring technology as a humanitarian license as we want the device to reach as many people, which means it will be very affordable. Since we are only a research organization, we are in talks with manufacturers and will arrive at a cost very soon.” The device will be launched at 12 am on August 15.

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