Meet the inventor of the Shycocan
Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar

Shycocan was invented by Dr. Rajah Vijaykumar, a prolific Indian Scientist with over 15 multi-disciplinary patents. He is the inventor of Cytotron, a device for degenerative and regenerative tissue engineering which is currently approved for two medical applications, firstly to stop the growth of cancer cells in a tumor, and secondly to repair & rebuild the skeletal tissue. Some of his other inventions are:

  • Focused Nano-Permeabilization (FORN) technology etc. for targeted, precise cancer drug delivery.
  • HAEMOSEIS-256, a non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic device that provides a comprehensive assessment (3D Cartography with 3D Vasculography) of cardiopulmonary and renal physiology of an individual
  • SPARSE™ technology for fuel enrichment and its application in renewable energy production
  • Fluid Ignition Engine (FIT), the TMD reactor for high intensity megasonic break-down of long chain hydrocarbons.
  • Transcutaneous Thermoelectroporic Omni-molecular drug delivery systems

He has had many publications in reputed medical and engineering journals. He is the author of the book “Cytonics – a mystery of the living cell”.

Meet the CEO of Shycocan Corporation
Alok Sharma

Mr. Alok Sharma is the CEO of Shycocan Corporation Pte. Ltd, the global licensee for manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of Shycocan, a virus attenuation device. He is an entrepreneur, who has over 25 years of work experience in the information technology and consumer electronics industry. 

Mr. Sharma co-founded Nature Ecoventures, an incubation and project development company that promotes innovations in technology, education and sustainability, among other sectors. He consults with global technology companies, supports entrepreneurs and start-ups, and contributes to the social sector in the areas of education and sustainability. His expertise lies in strategic alliances, marketing & branding, and sales management.

A Mechanical Engineer from IIT and an Executive MBA graduate, Mr. Sharma started his career at Wipro, where he worked for 5 years. At the time of leaving, he was the regional Sales Manager, responsible for a line of business for Northern India.

He had a tenure of 8 years at Sun Microsystems. He was part of the management team which built Sun Microsystems in India – and was the Director, Partner Development (South Asia) of the same company, based out of Singapore. Mr. Sharma had served as the Managing Director of Apple India for five years, taking its revenue from less than USD $10 million to over USD $100 million. 

Mr. Sharma is currently a member of the Indian Angel Network, a group of primarily Indian angel investors funding early-stage startups. His personal interests include reading, music, spirituality and supporting social sector projects.

Meet team Shycocan USA

Meet team Shycocan USA Meet team Shycocan USA Meet team Shycocan USA Meet team Shycocan USA Meet team Shycocan USA Meet team Shycocan USA



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